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ALN (Additional Learning Needs)

The “Special Educational Needs Code of Practice for Wales” was introduced in April 2002. It is intended for children who need additional support at some time during their education. Those pupils with Additional Educational Needs are identified in a variety of ways: information from outside agencies e.g. health visitors, baseline assessment, teacher assessment and observations.

At Milton Primary we are committed to working with all children and their parents to ensure that the best provision is provided for them to cope with or overcome their difficulties. If a teacher is concerned about a child a meeting will take place with the parents before any action takes place.

School Action – is when the teacher and the ALNCO (Additional Learning Needs Coordinator) identify that a child has additional educational needs, they provide interventions that are additional to or different from those provided as part of the school’s usual differentiated curriculum. An IPP (Individual Pupil Profile and Action Plan) will usually be devised.

If the child continues to make little or no progress in specific areas or is working substantially behind their peers, the child will be moved to “School Action Plus”.

School Action Plus – when the class teacher and ALNCO are provided with advice or support from outside specialists so that alternative interventions, additional or different strategies to those provided for the pupil through school action can be put into place. A new Action Plan will be devised.

The Action Plan is created by the class teacher and ALNCO; parents are invited whenever necessary to reviews during the year.

Children who are More Able and Talented also have additional needs and the school has a register to identify these children as well.

The school’s AEN policy, More Able and Talented policy and the “Code of Practice” are available for all parents to view on request.