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School Council

We did it Spring term 2022.jpg
Spring term Action - clubs.jpg
Action this term completed Spring 2022.jpg
A habitat for your nose.jpg
Pose with a Nose (1).jpg
Spring term Action.jpg
Pose with a nose.jpg
Action this term completed Autumn 2021.jpg
Autumn term additional Action we did it.jpg
Autumn term ADDITIONAL Action.jpg
School Council Important to us.jpg
Introducing school council 2021.jpg
We Did it Summer term 2021 (1).jpg
Action this term Summer 2021.jpg
Presenting our new school council logo.j
We Did it Spring term.jpg
Comic Relief - in class challenges.jpg
Action this term Spring 2021.jpg
School Council Aims.jpg
Introducing school council.jpg
School Council Important to us.jpg
Action this term.jpg