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We are sure everyone is as relieved as we are to see Covid-19 restrictions being eased across Wales. It has been lovely being together again in school and seeing less disruption due to isolations.


With this in mind, we are going to be re-instating our pre-Covid attendance strategies after Easter and relaunching our 'Strive for 95' attendance approach.


As a reminder, attendance expectations and processes at Milton are:

  • All children are expected to attend every day, on time (8.50am)

  • If a child is unable to attend school as they are unwell, please phone school by 9am on the morning they are unable to attend to give a reason.

  • If a child is unable to attend as they have a medical appointment, a copy of the appointment letter/screen shot of appointment text needs to be given to school as evidence of this.

  • If we do not have a reason for the child's absence, this will be recorded as unauthorised.

  • Where a child's attendance falls below satisfactory (92%) a warning letter 1 will be sent informing parents of their child's attendance and advising of the improvements needed.

  • If there is no improvement or repeated unauthorised absences are recorded, a warning letter 2 will be sent.

  • If there is still no improvement, we will engage with support from the education welfare service to help to improve your child's attendance. 

  • On the very rare occasion, where attempts to support improve attendance have not been successful, we work under Welsh Government Guidelines to enforce a fixed penalty notice.

Meet Jo







This is Jo Baron, Jo is our EWO (education welfare officer) she will be in touch to support if your child's attendance continues to be a concern. We all want to work together to support you to support your child!



Attendance Rewards: 

We will be reinstating our rewards for children who continue to be good attenders to school. We understand that sometimes we can't help but be absent, which is why we focus on 'Striving for 95'% attendance.

We will be rewarding attendance in the following ways:

  • The class with the best attendance in a week will have an extra playtime they can take any time they like the following week.

  • Each week, all children who have attended for 95% or more of the time will receive an attendance Dojo and will have their name added to the 'Attendance prize wheel'

  • During Brilliant Book assembly at the end of the week, Mrs Burke will spin the attendance prize wheel and a child's name will be chosen at random to receive a £10 voucher of their choice. Vouchers include Claire's accessories, Game, Xbox, love to shop and much more!

  • HUGE thanks to our PTFA for funding and providing us with the prize vouchers!

Our whole school attendance target is 93.5%.

Keep your eyes on our newsletters to see how we are doing on meeting our target!

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